Tenants are responsible for the repair or replacement of the following items within their homes:

Doors, gates and windows
Adjusting doors to fit carpets, Door bells, Door numerals, Draught excluders to doors and windows, Easing internal doors, Face putties to doors and windows, Furniture to internal doors Hinges, Locks and latches to internal doors, Letter plates, Minor cracks around windows.

Electrical faults resulting from the use of faulty appliances that were installed by the tenant or somebody acting for them, Electrical fuses, Fluorescent tubes, Light bulbs, Electrical plug tops, Smoke detector batteries.

Blocked waste pipes to baths, Wash basins and sinks, Insulation jackets to hot water cylinders, Tap washers WC seats and covers.

Ash pans Cupboard hinges, Catches and furniture Curtain battens, Hat and coat hooks and rails, Fire lighting tools, Fireplace tiles, Floor tiles, Minor plaster cracks, Minor repairs to kitchen units (e.g. catches, furniture, hinges and shelves Plugs and chains to baths, wash basins and sinks Replacement of lost or broken keys, Sweeping flues & chimneys, Wall tiles, Washing lines/posts (except in communal areas).

Rent Solutions may, in some circumstances, carry out repairs which are the tenant’s responsibility and may recharge for the cost of carrying out this work.